Care Workers

The Carers’ Phone has been developed with the invaluable assistance of care workers across Australia. As a result of their input, making a call to The Carers’ Phone system now takes, on average, just 60 seconds.

How does The Carers’ Phone support Care Workers?

Stronger links within care teams. With staff back at the office able to view information in real time, care workers feel better supported to raise issues or concerns.

Improved work satisfaction. The Carers’ Phone actively engages care workers to directly and systematically evaluate their clients, empowering them in their work.

Increased skill levels. Using The Carers’ Phone, care workers feel more confident about what they should be observing in the client’s home environment. They can “knock off” at the end of the day knowing they have done the right thing to support their clients to remain living at home for as long as possible.

The Carers’ Phone - Peace of mind for care workers.

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