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The Community Manager

Hear what our customers have to say about their experiences using The Carers’ Phone. In this edition, we hear from a Community Manager from a small not-for-profit organisation in Western Australia.

As soon as I saw The Carers Phone, I realised how much of a benefit it would be in my role. Because I do not go out into the community every day myself to see my clients, I rely on the care workers to report back on The Carers’ Phone. When that happens I am able to tell that the worker has been to see them and I know what they observed and from that I know the status of my client.
From that I can analyse what the time frame might be for reassessment. I know that this client needs reassessment by this time. Every client has regular contact. It is really beneficial that way.

The Carers’ Phone allows care coordinators to record client progress notes and will be a valuable resource during quality reviews.

They [the Commonwealth] would be able to see what our improvement plans or improvement opportunities would be and could see how we monitor them. We would definitely have The Carers’ Phone in our improvement plan or part of our continuous improvement.
On the initial set up period and training
When The Carers’ Phone was first set up and we had education with Matt [Purtell] and Sue [Bromley], the feedback from care workers was not very good. They complained that it would be time consuming and difficult; once they started using it and got used to the system, they all changed their mind and said it was very easy as ‘123’ and very easy to do. Now they all love it and they particularly love how easy it is for them to report to me about clients. Client monitoring is quite straightforward and it is really relevant to the daily life of every individual and the questions relate properly (to the required domains)
The Carers Phone training is now integrated into our regular induction training. Sue created a file for me and I am able use it to educate the new staff; it is part of the induction training with me. I am able to tell them about The Carers’ Phone and run through the questions with them. New care workers get to see The Carers’ Phone being used on their first buddy shift and by their second buddy shift they are confident and comfortable to use it them selves. “They can quickly see the benefits.
On the responses from clients and their families
Younger family members who are caring for our clients are usually the ones who get excited about The Carers’ Phone and their feedback is very positive: “We love what you are able to do for our family.
When the client is living on their own, the observations are beneficial to us as well as giving the client a sense of wellbeing and security. When there is one or more trigger an email is sent directly to me with an instruction to log on to the site and I can assess how to respond from the information there.
Because most of our clients have some level of dementia we are able to monitor any changes in functionality and respond quickly when a negative response is triggered. We had a client just last week who was in a poor condition and staff were able to organise reassessment and referral for them as soon as we saw there were alerts.
The Carers' Phone has a broad range of applications for the Aged and Disability sectors. Join a diverse range of support teams across Australia embracing this groundbreaking communication tool. All users, from support workers through to senior managers, will gain invaluable insights into their practice through this new way of monitoring client requirements.

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